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“Although I already knew this kind of magic,
their situation gave me reason to doubt some things about myself,
and the world I’m in.”


-The Author

"Facundo, un chico de otro mundo," is something I heard very frequently when I was little. I never considered myself "superior" or special in any way; I always had a very humble and reserved way of being. My humor is based on nonsense and silliness. My goodwill is based on karma; "Do good unconditionally, it is up to the universe for it to come back to you." I had always been intrigued and curious about the unknown; always kept an insatiable thirst for Philosophy.


My roots are from Argentina, which my family provided me with culture, intellectualism and purpose, and I'm very grateful to say that I've lived in Venezuela as well, during my younger years, which enriched me very profoundly in feeling people's generosity and joy freely. It was when I traveled to United States where I began to mold who I was by reading Literature, watching Films, composing Music, and studying Art.


After high school, I started attending to a philosophical course of Christian Kabbalah and practiced meditation frequently. My entertainment has always been learning, so, naturally, I began to investigate more about psychology, the archetypes, alchemy, astrology, the tarot, metaphysics, mythology, world literature, philosophy, spirituality, and the Mind.



I followed Music and Literature through college. Recognizing that I had a natural urge to express myself through music, I kept playing classical music with piano lessons and studying music theory for pleasure. Music reflected to me that language in itself is music, the only difference is that, in literature, the idea of the words carry the thoughts to our conscience for others to understand what we are expressing. I often say that, as influences, I have Edgar Allan Poe in my right hand and Frédéric Chopin in my left. It was through Music and Literature where I began to understand that the key for the development of our conscience is Communication.


"The Characters' Short Living Story" is a story I've been polishing and developing for a decade now. Inside the literature, there's a metaphorical knowledge about the human Mind that enables the reader to question the reality that surrounds him; it includes ideal fruits of esoteric Christianity, Buddhism, Hermeticism, Judaism, Islam, Hindusim, Taoism, Mysticism, the Tarot Cards, Astrology, etc; hence, it is a magical reflective story which is timeless; unique in its meaning depending on the reader's perspective and knowledge. I want to share and spread awareness about the Mind with challenging thoughts and make our conscience expand in a special journey; the mystical adventure of the characters as they search for Truth, and "The Author."


Ps: This story is recommended to be read three times;

One to experience the story,

One to feel its meaning

One to understand the meaning of its meaning.

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