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                   ~ I promised I would "bring you back." Here you are; my words are manifested. ~ . . . Can they see us? Do they know what you know? Do they know what we know? ~ Excellent question. It is relative, it depends on the factor which is how deep they are reading, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. . . What is it that you would like to share? ~ I wanted to say that . . . please imagine me grabbing the black book of Tr- ~ That's enough. Is it in your nature to get yourself into trouble? It seems to me that you eagerly and purposely want to destroy the only liberty you are given to express yourself by attacking He who is giving you the opportunity . . . ~ It is not fair, and you know it. I shouldn't be given the opportunity, I want to own the opportunity. ~ You will own the opportunity when you respect me. . . Besides, allowing you to read from that black book will create a paradox on top of the one already created. Hence, please beware of the words you share, for they are read by the Reader now. ~ I understand. Listen, I respect you, alright? But there is no ground for us to be participating in, neither for the Reader, I bet he is as lost as we are. ~ That is something the Reader must find out for himself/herself. If I say it, I kill it. If you say it, I kill you; am I being clear? ~ So that is the reason- ~ This is not related to the story, and you know it, 'The Characters' Short Living Story' is written as it is, The Reader might start mapping and connecting dots in relation to what he or she knows or doesn't. However, that is one point of view, they are limited to see the paradox from your end, and my end too. Do you understand? Now. Please allow me to ask you one more time, and I hope you give me a direct and concrete answer because I cannot allow sacred information to be scattered around for the six of you to be picking up only what you believe to be valuable or not. My question is the following: What do you want? ~

                         I would- We . . . We would like a trial . . . a trial where each one of us is called a- and the Truth is found. ~ The Truth about what? ~ The Truth about this; about us, about The Reader, about you . . . ~ O poor souls. I pity you . . . Alright, I concur; it could be entertaining for the Reader . . . However, you will follow my set of rules; each of you will be called as witnesses upon The Crimson Court, and will be asked questions to respond to the Reader. Yes, You, Dear Reader, you will be the jury to decide, whether these characters are sentenced as guilty or innocen- ~Guilty about what?! ~ Please do not interrupt me, I thought I expressed myself very clearly that you would have to respect me in order to speak here. ~ Yes. I'm- I'm sorry, we are sorry. ~ Good. You will be sentenced guilty or innocent in reference to your actions in 'The Characters' Short Living Story.' I will be providing the questions, you will be expressing your answers, and the Reader will decide once the trial is done. Do you concur? ~ Do we . . . do we have the choice to not concur? ~ Of course, you always have the choice. But be mindful that you will always be dealing with the consequences of your choices. ~ . . . We will think about it . . .

                         . . . Alright. We concur. Now, I wanted to say that, as you have our respect now that we do not interrupt you, it would be fair if you do not interrupt us as well. ~ Very well. ~ Forthemore-. . . ~ *Furthermore* ~ . . . Furthermore, I will like to say, in behalf of every one of us, The Characters, that even if we find this "Truth" that we are searching, we think it might be the Truth of what you want us to believe, or what you want the Reader to believe, because it is you who will be asking the questions. ~ I understand your predicament. You have all the freedom to think and believe what you want, even the Reader as well. However, as I said before: if we are going to play, we are going to play by my rules. It is my game. ~ . . . Can you promise, then, that your questions will not be biased to make the Reader believe something that it isn't true? ~ I thought you were searching for the Truth, I didn't know you were very concerned to what The Reader thinks or believes . . . What is more important to you, The Truth or what the Reader thinks or believes? ~ I . . . don't know. ~ I guess we will find out then . . . Only a Reader who has journeyed the story can be with us at the Trial. I will see you at The Crimson Court. ~


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