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The Characters are who they are.


    They may be different to how I can describe them.


     They may be different to how you see them as well.


The Characters are who they are.



Joe is the kind of person that if you buy him a drink, he will probably thank you for it, and then buy you two rounds. He's the kind of person that if you tell him that he is being rude, he will probably laugh at himself and ask you why. He will be the one pushing you to not be afraid, so you should go do whatever you want to do in life. "Life's Short," he might say, "If you don't do it now, then when?" He might use phrases like "Cheers!" or "Salute!" His Light personally can easily shine at the darkest moments; however, he can be really serious sometimes. If he's not laughing, he's thoughtful, and if he's really thoughtful, then he's probably in love. He doesn't really "like" someone, he just falls in love, because, although it may not appear in the surface, he's really sensitive inside. Don't tell him what to do, because it's very likely that he won't do it. He will listen to you, of course, take it in consideration, but you see, sometimes he does not think twice of what he does, even if he knows that he might be wrong, he will still do it anyway; the heart rules in him, and that fact might bring him to his life's challenge; his worst tragedy, or his greatest victory.


Lisa will turn her cold shoulder on you, and have no remorse, regret or even mercy. If she doesn't like you she would say exactly that: "I don't like you," but if she does, then she would probably not say it; however, she will make sarcastic jokes about you, mildly kidding of course. Her personallity exceeds of confidence and authority, her feet are well-grounded and very eager to step on you because well- . . . she can step on you if she really wants to, but she won't do it, only if she has to. If she were invited to a gathering, she would be the first to ask what is the purpose of the gathering, and if the gathering doesn't provide her with any progressive outcome, in any sense whatsoever, then she will probably reject it by saying: "Count me out." On the other hand, If she decides to go, she will be the most serious person of the group, observing others while her drink waits solemly on the table. She admires professionalism and productivity, she doesn't like to waste time at all; if she notices that you are talking and going around in circles she will use phrases like:
"Spit it out already,"  or "Get to the point."
If I would have to describe her exactly how she is, I wouldn't use a noun, but a verb: she's the thrill you get when someone starts throwing knives at you, she's a blowing gust of cold wind; direct and strong as a wave, quick-witted and efficient as an arrow shot on target.



"Henry probably knows" people might say, and that may be completely true. If you are looking for the most analytical and knowledgable character among these, I would say it is Henry, and I don't mean to be bias, please. . .
In the analyzed range, Henry would probably take the most secure decision  with the best outcome. He's most likely to understand why you had such reaction instead of feeling it, and if he doesn't understand you, he will ask you in a very humble tone: "What do you mean?" He's the best psychologist friend you would ever need; he is the kind of person that would take time to understand you. He would listen to you and have an answer for everything, because he believes that everything has a reason to be, and he might probably know what is that reason; if he doesn't know, then he will contemplate for some time and look for a logical and reasonable explanation. If he's ever invited to dinner, he would try to understand why people use the napkin on the knees and why others don't, why some people pick up the glasses they way they do, and why others do it differently. What is causing them to laugh? Why did he ask that question? Why did she answer that way? The fact that he's interested in how people approach to each other is because he never knows how to. He gets nervous when someone approaches to him. Don't get the wrong impression with his stuttering, he knows a lot about human behavior, and he knows so much about it that that may be the main reason why he has such a hard time trusting them.

Books are his best friends.


Kimberly is free. There is no light brighter than her way of being. If she were a flower, she would be a sunflower, and if she were a star, she would be the sun. Her joy and carefree expressions radiate around as if she has nothing to hide. If she feels like crying, she would cry, if she feels like saying something, it's very likely that she would try to share it faster than she would know how to process it, efficently and correctly, and for that very reason, she uses "like" in the middle of sentences to be true in how she is. In a gathering, she would be the first one to dance if music were playing, any kind of music of course, and she will encourage others with a friendly approach to enjoy as well. Kimberly will laugh at your jokes even if they are not funny, not because she's pretending, but because she admires the grace of your expressions and appreciates the fact that you are taking your time to tell a joke. She cares about others very much; she likes giving out hugs and sharing good comments to inspire strangers. She's not annoyingly restless, but if you see her be, you would notice that she has a lot of energy inside. Don't you dare telling her a lie, because she will probably believe it; she's very honest, and her innocence is so pure that she takes things very personally and deeply. Although she may seem like she's okay, her smile might be veiling her sensitive and shiny old soul.


Leo's motto might be "Get it done." In his aesthethics you can tell that he might be really selfconcious; he takes care of himself because he cares about what people think about him. His realistic views keeps him very well aware of his surroundings and how others behave around with him. He will not permit anyone to step on him, even if his intelect might not be as sharp as his "rival;" he has no problem getting into a fist fight as long as he gets to prove that he is right, or he is first. He has consideration for other people's feelings and thoughts though, as long as they don't challenge him . . . You see, he aims to be a leader, because, if you ask him, he will tell you what to do.
If he were present in a situation where a surprise birthday party is being organized, he would be the one saying where the balloons should be, and then, he would say how they should be facing; however, in the end, it is more likely that he is the one doing it because he knows how to do it right, his way. Leo is strong in many ways, he is very confident and sometimes very conceded; he can be mean and rough, but he is very caring. If you become his friend, he will be loyal, he will be there to support you, he will be there to guide you. He might not be as smart as the other characters, but what he lacks in intelligence he makes up in power.


Violet is quiet. She won't say much; when she decides to say something, she says it, and if she said it, it's because it was important for her to share. She's a lady that does not enjoy being in the spotlight, she rather stay behind and observe, analyze and take things carefully. If she were in a garden, she would take her time to look around the flowers before deciding which one to smell first. If she were invited to a party, she would be the last one to dance; however, I don't mean she wouldn't enjoy it, of course she would, but she doesn't feel comfortable at new unexpected situations, that's not her cup of tea. She likes tea though, she would love to spend afternoons or even late nights just talking to friends (not that she would have many) but she would enjoy it. She likes to listen, she is caring and generous for others, perhaps too much, she gives her best in everything so others would feel happy, even if she has to sacrifice something from her. She's very smart, no man can ever fool Violet, she's too smart for them, she looks directly to the eyes and see what they are thinking . . . The fact that she likes to paint makes her creativity expand beyond comprehension; she's very sensitive and emotional, althought outside she may appear cold, she's not, it's just that sometimes she doesn't know how to express her feelings.

“I am the Author. I’m the creator of this story,

and you…you are my six characters:

Joe, Violet, Leo, Kimberly, Lisa and Henry. . .

How does that bitter-sweet apple taste?”


                                                            -The Author

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