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     Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader:

                   First, I would like to apologize if the words Read have caused you any kind of trouble or discomfort; if you have already journeyed through ‘The Characters’ Short Living Story,’ then I assume you would comprehend what I mean concerning the Knowledge and Wisdom presented in the story.
If you have journeyed and survived the story to the end, then I honorably congratulate you, the fact that you have finished this adventure means more to You than I can reflect at this moment . . .
The story carries a Key which will allow you to see beyond what could be seen before. If you have completed the journey, then you can identify yourself as "The Reader" who knows and have access to the Alchemical Bibliothèque. However, if you have not yet, then perhaps you will understand what I’m writing to you about once you do.

            It might be hard for me to write the exact words of what I would like to present to you; words can be as elusive as reality itself. Especially considering that, for now, I have only this letter to communicate to you from where I am . . . However, if I had to choose one word for the purpose of this letter, then it would be a presentation, not an invitation. The experience of one Reader can be completely different to another Reader, even paradoxical . . .  For this very reason, and many others, I write this letter to you only to present 'The Characters' Short Living Story;' as many ‘knowledgeable’ Readers have said before: this is not a typical book of fiction; this is a story unlike any other . . .

            Now, with the fact that I identify this letter as a presentation, let me present to you that ‘The Characters’ Short Living Story’ is a timeless mystical adventure, with six characters: Joe, Kimberly, Lisa, Henry, Leo and Violet. . . and the deepness of this journey has more meanings than I could ever describe. Your presence in this story means more that I could ever explain, so please, take in consideration that if you are willing to embark on this journey, then try your best to have the respectful decency of finishing it. Unfortunately, I am not in the liberty to unfold and explain the why’s of many things which I would like to share with you, but believe me when I say that the reason why I say this goes beyond the eternal blissful grace of Literature; the reason why I say this is in relation to the subject of morality, ethics and spiritual truths. Even though I cannot identify this letter as an invitation, I will take the risk to say that through this story you will find things that you will not find in any other story, you will experience something unique; you will journey through a world whose door is only the story itself. And, as I have written before, if you are brave enough to defeat the challenges of those letters for the sake of Truth, then you must walk with me during nighttime. Silence and tranquility will welcome you into the story.

            To end, I would like to express my gratitude to you, my dear Reader, for taking the time to read this letter, it would be a catastrophe to explain where I am writing it from, especially if you have not journeyed through the story yet. However, I am very grateful because I am free to tell you this: whatever you decide to do upon finishing this letter, let it be your decision; the paths of life are always open to infinite possibilities beyond our recognition, and our choices are ethereally connected and synchronized with others; hence, travel light in the darkness and never lose hope.


                                                                                       The Author

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