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The Temple of the Mind
Facundo Raganato

                   Throughout history, Humans have been slaved to the Mind, with its many Heavenly Virtues and its many Earthly Vices.
Everything we Create is the manifestation of "Magic;" first we create it with our Mind's Imagination and then we use Logic & Reason to make it "Real." Sometimes we are led by our Feelings; sometimes by our Thoughts, and sometimes our Actions might makes us sense the "Right" or "Wrong" thing to do
at the Present Moment; however, it is All Relative to the Origin of the Idea and How we manifest it Energically to us, and to those around us.
What is your Intention?
. . .
   The Key to purify and cleanse ourselves to develop the Mind is in our Consciousness; to be Aware and Conscious of the World enables Us to perceive Experiences and Connect ourselves to the Energies around Us; Truthfully Into Ourselves. 

The Conscious Mind is in charge of the process of How we Receive and Give energies; How we let Light mold Ideas in our Mind;
How we Let the All Connect Into ourselves and Outo ourselves;
The Light is in our Hearts.
The Source Lives in our Souls.
It is in that process that we Grow and Work our "Philosopher's Stone;"
It is in that process where Alchemy makes us Shine . . .
The Elixir of Life may be tasted only at the Present:
You Are Alive
And that is the singlest and most inspiring Truth for you to Be
Beyond Yourself
. . .
We have been slaved to our Minds because we Let ourselves be slaved by the Idea of the World that was planted before Us.
The Knowledge and Wisdom about our Artistic Powers have been Forgotten throughout Time and Civilizations,
but not anymore . . .

What is Your Creation?

“Just like the setting you see around you, made of materials and connections, the system of your body is corresponding to your senses to perceive the world. The lines on your palm may identify how unique you are,
but deep inside each every one of us there’s only one source of light
keeping us alive, as one flame.


                                                                             -The Author

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