“Violet, if you could create your own story. . .”

Joe asked sweetly.

“What would you like to create?”

I use this book as an icon of human connection,
honoring the relationship and care for the other.

Hall of Fame

Dhyan Shakti Kaur


Choobie Jiroux


Nicolas Raganato


Nadya Espejo


Ana Salgado


Will Daniel


Shirley Cecilia


Victoria L. Perez


Patricia Galbani


Norbert Klauber


Matthew Wheeler


Ever Vera


Laura Jaramillo


Leo Shelton


Kerty Apelt


Alexandra Sanchez


Abiram & Carolina Brizuela


Praveen Yalamanchi

Neisha Burks

Paola L. Curiel

Claudia Aros



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        I am eternally grateful for the space, time and all the people who came to the premiere event of "Alchemy & Art." The event involved an introduction to Alchemy, its connection with Art and the live performance of my music album "Light & Darkness."

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Facundo Raganato

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Scott Redinger-Libolt

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Patricia Gil &
Facundo Raganato

Book Cover Photo:
Laura Mintz

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