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"'The Author’ is an exceptional work crafted by a well-honed literary mind. In its two-fold purpose, Raganato has written a fluid character piece where strangers bonded by curiosity will question their existence, test their fears, and challenge obstacles, all in an effort to escape their unfamiliar surroundings. Clearly the work is heightened by its clever, creative format, and the overall unfolding quandary. While an author’s purpose is often implicit in any given story, Raganato directs us to look beyond the words, advising that therein lies the true meaning of literature. Here on a most unusual narrative path, readers will discover a rare, enlightening treasure.”


- Pacific Book Review  

"This is not your typical fiction book; it is a piece of genius literature. The philosophical content of "The Author, or The Characters’ Short Living Story" is the treasure behind each character, and behind each scene. I could go on unveiling all the different things readers will wonder through these pages, but the truth is that in the end the big reveal will be different for each reader. I definitely recommend “The Author ~or~ The Characters’ Short Living Story” by Facundo Raganato as a thought provoking, genius five-star piece of literature for any reader who is not is not afraid to become part of the story and embark on the adventure and challenge The Author will present to them.”                                                                                                                                           


                                                                                                                                          - Susan Violante, Reader Views

“Never before have I read anything quite like Facundo Raganato's The Author or The Characters' Short Living Story. It is truly a work of literary genius. This is one book that you will want to read more than once to ensure that its universal truths are instilled in your mind – which as this reader sees it, is more important than the actual mechanics of the story that the author has created. We all have much to learn from Raganato's work. If we could only put the lessons into practice, our world would be a much better place.”                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                           – Martha Jette, Author

“The Author ~or~ The Characters’ Short Living Story is a recommended pick for readers who want to follow along in a search for truth and wisdom . . . It is about knowing oneself and developing fully into one’s being . . . And there’s much, much more: couched in the guise of fiction, it may prove difficult to easily categorize, but one thing is certain: those on a similar life journey will find it compelling, reaching out from darkness with inspirational light.”


                                                                                                                                                      —Diane, Donovan

Midwest Book Review

“Raganato’s clipped and unembellished writing style works for The Author as there is so much fantasy going on in the plot that there is no real need to get up the purple passion prose. It also means that Raganato avoids clubbing the reader over the head with meanings and ways of thought. The Author might be about God, Religion, Mass Manipulation, all of the above, none of the above. You, the reader, are free to fill in the blanks yourself. All good novels allow for a conversation between the text and the reader, and Facundo Raganato’s The Author is.”


- Hubert O'Hearn,

San Diego Book Review

“It is brilliant! . . . The Author had me on the first few pages and I found the entire book to be a truly inimitable literary experience. It is a study in human nature, with a bit of philosophy, spirituality, some theology, all in a wonderful mix of fiction. Their journey of discovery is not unlike the search for enlightenment. The book contains many undercurrents of the search for truth, mindfulness and being fully conscious of the present moment. I must repeat, a truly rare and distinctive presentation of a much written about topic. Highly Recommended.”

                                                                                                          - Shirley A. Roe, All Books Review International

"Facundo Raganato’s surrealistic novel, The Author or The Characters Short Living Story, is a metaphysical exploration of the meaning of life, and the trappings of reality. The characters, inescapably drawn into the author’s trappings, seek the key to their escape, and even briefly, hold the truth of their existence in their hands. For the reader, The Author is a comic novel full of pratfalls, irony, and meta-humor. For the characters in The Author the story is a frustrating, and tragic adventure in the dark, a discovery of the self."


                                                                                                                           - Scott Whitaker, The Broadkill Review


“Facundo Raganato’s book addresses the writing process from a very different point of view. The book itself is easy to read and allows for extensive philosophical speculation, which is a unique way to read a story. If that philosophical intrigue is the purpose for one’s reading a book, then The Author ~ or ~ The Characters’ Short Living Story is an exceptional choice. It is an enjoyable book to read.”

— Mary-Lynne Monroe, Portland Book Reviews

“Facundo Raganato has written an interesting book about books. It’s a dramatization of the interplay not only between writers and readers, but also between the characters within the pages.  Raganato’s The Author is similar to an abstract painting. Collective agreement is neither achievable nor sought. There is no right or wrong. There is only that individual reflection of what the art says to the viewer. If you like making your own decisions and you appreciate literature that provides answers which provoke even more thoughtful questions, then Raganato’s book just might be for you.”


- Joe Kilgore, US Review of Books

“Raganato creates a visually frazzled world that translates into written word in an oddly coherent way . . .

 I thoroughly enjoyed Facundo Raganato’s The Author or The Characters’ Short Living Story, and would recommend it to any imaginative and contemplative soul in search for something new to read. It is a completely fresh written work, incomparable to anything I have ever read.”



“The Author works on many levels, stimulating the mind about writing and characters working together, but also what it means to be uncertain where the next step will lead. Facundo Raganato’s The Author or The Characters’ Short Living Story is a fun literary adventure. Reading what little description there is about the book, would-be readers may have some preconceived notions about what to expect from the book, but they will be well surprised as it is a unique work that may have likely not come across before.”


                                                                                                                                                                 — Alex C. Telander, Manhattan Book Review

“I’ve read other books where the Author breaks the so called “Fourth Wall,” but this is completely different. I never lost interest it’s so fresh and different I loved the concept behind it. It truly is Alice in Wonderland, the Twilight Zone and Poe all rolled into one. The Author Facundo Raganato has created something quite different here.”

– Dick Leonardo, Book Room  Reviews

“When the characters of The Author or The Characters’ Short Living Story find themselves together with no memory of what happened to them before, the stage is set for an adventure in the mind of the talented author. It’s a creative (and very meta) narrative twist. Facundo Raganato allows the character’s continued confusion to explain the story’s dynamics in an organic and entertaining way. He encourages his characters to make the most of the mysterious upcoming conflict for the sake of the Reader.”


- Red City Review

"‘The Author- or The Characters’ Short Living Story’ is a fiction, a thriller, a guidebook to wisdom & spirituality giving readers capacity, power and space to imagine beyond limits. This amazing book possesses the quality of compelling us to live in fictional, magical imaginative world with its rare and intriguing style of narration.‘The Author’ is definitely an engaging, unique and exclusive read leaving the characters story at the imagination of readers and an artistic work of the author to design and decide how their adventure is to unfold."  


- Enas Reviews

“How do I describe this book? On the one hand, it’s a fantastic, mystical adventure filled with all the adventure one would hope to get out of a fictional story. On the other, it’s about a journey to seek the highest Truth. The line between art, philosophy and spirituality gets so blurred here that perhaps it’s best to say nothing at all."

– Austin Kourakin, Aurum Reviews

“The writing style is poetic and occasionally confusing, but sets the tone well, and I would say that on balance the style is a plus point, giving the book its own unique stamp. What I liked is that the author's quirkiness shines through, and there are enough flashes of creative brilliance to suggest he has a great book within him. Although I found parts of the book tedious, I was glad I persevered, because there were highlights that made the effort worthwhile."

– Ebook Planet

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"I will Always be eternally Grateful for those who have reviewed
'The Characters' Short Living Story'
For it does not only Reflect back to me that such Depth has made it worth it,
but it also shares to the Readers multiple Perspectives of what it is about.
And, most importantly . . . it Expands through the Characters
Beyond what we Know . . .
                                               Thank you."                                                                                                              
                                                                                      - The Author 
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