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Dear Reader,

Within this Book, you will find a collection of Poems in Light. These poems were written parallel to writing of ‘The Author ~ or ~ The Characters’ Short Living Story.’ As the Characters journeyed through their mystical adventure through the Dark world of The Author, these poems reflect its Light. As the Reader can ponder questions through their journey, these poems transmit the answers. And as The Author discovers the secrets of the Universe in their story, these poems present what He has found. Do take them dearly, for I have written them that way, and use them wisely, for they speak more than what they say. Let my words give you everything you need for you to be beyond yourself; let them remind you that the universe is inside you, and let them inspire you to feel, that as you hold my book in your hands, as proof that I am able to manifest all my dreams true, so can you. Dear Reader, this book is for You.

~ Facundo Raganato




The Poet.png

William Wordsworth said that poetry comes from the soul. I agree. Throughout the years, I have written many poems from my soul and heart within many different types of topics. The collection of "The Poet ~ of ~ The Characters' Short Living Story" are the poems which were influenced directly from the writing or "The Author ~ or ~ The Characters' Short Living Story." They express knowledge and wisdom living within the context of the novel, like 'The Philosopher's Stone' or 'Inner Golden Fire.' They can also express emotions from the heart and soul like 'Heart Tale' or 'Black Cloth.' And they can also be linked to my attempt to  express the vision of the future of humanity in their spiritual and philosophical essences like 'Of Knowledge and Wisdom' or 'Awake.'

I personally consider it a sequel to the novel, yet not in the narrative expression. Instead, I consider "The Author" to be a journey to find the Light in the Darkness, and "The Poet" to be the Light found. I think it would be appropriate to recommend to read the novel first,
and then the collection of poems as a reward. However, if the collection  of poems is read first, you can find the profile of the characters which will give you a first impression of who they are before reading the novel. As any quantum conscious mind would understand, it is not about the order of how information is received, but also the experience of how it is received, for this reason, it is important to be decisive in regards to which book to read first, because the experience of the alchemy is completely unique for each reader.

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