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03-23-15  - Shirley A. Roe

                 Looking for something completely new and unique? This is the book for you. Facundo Raganato has taken the creativity of writing, developed his characters and then brought them to life. The entire book is written from the perspective of the newly developed characters. Characters, who suddenly realize they have been brought together, but have no idea why. It is brilliant!


The author had me on the first few pages and I found the entire book to be a truly inimitable literary experience. It is a study in human nature, with a bit of philosophy, spirituality, some theology, all in a wonderful mix of fiction.

Violet, Leo, Henry, Joe, Kimberly, and Lisa are all different personalities, but with a common goal- Find out where they are and why. Like any fiction the author has included a little romance, conflict and mystery. Their journey of discovery is not unlike the search for enlightenment. The book contains many undercurrents of the search for truth, mindfulness and being fully conscious of the present moment. I must repeat, a truly rare and distinctive presentation of a much written about topic.Highly Recommended.


Shirley A. Roe,

All Books Review International

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