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07-23-15  - Dick Leonardo

Ok let me ask you-what do you get if you cross the Twilight Zone, Alice in Wonderland and throw in a Literary style reminiscent Edgar Allan Poe?


The Author or The Characters' Short Living Story by Facundo Raganato

I figured something was up as soon as I read the opening paragraph. A note to the reader from “The Author” inviting us to join him in this journey. “In the literary sense, it is simply an experiment that I, The Author, along with my characters will write for you;”

I was hooked from the start , a group people – scratch that. A group of characters  appear in a dark desolate place with no memory of how they got there, who they are ,where they are or where they’ve been. The Author Facundo Raganato has created something quite different here. Filled with questions,mystery,suspense. The whole premiss is kind of scary. Just like Rod Sterling would say in the Twilight Zone we are taken on a journey through this dark void where nothing or everything is real.

I’ve read other books where the Author breaks the so called”Fourth Wall” but this is completely different. Not only does the author talk to the Reader but to the characters themselves.We are given the opportunity to see the story (if that’s what it is) created. Is it the Reader,the Author or the Characters that makes it work?

I must give you a bit of a SPOILER to help you to understand what I’m talking about. It turns out the 6 strangers that appear all of a sudden with no memory in this dark,desolate place are not people at all. Simply characters in an unwritten story being led around by what seems a sadistic Author (sorry Facundo) The journey is them writing the story along with their Creator as they travel through the unknown while communicating with the Author himself. Along the way the Author stays in touch with us the reader…Very Cool.

This book starts out with a bang and ends with an even bigger BANG! I never lost interest it’s so fresh and different I loved the concept behind it. It truly is Alice in Wonderland  the Twilight Zone and Poe all rolled into one. If you want to get into an Author’s head or enjoy reading something different this is the book for you.

- Dick Leonardo

Book Room Reviews

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