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Interview with Facundo Raganato

09-22-15  - Doodles, doodles everywhere congratulates author Facundo Raganato on the success of his latest novel, The Author! Let's welcome him on the blog for an exclusive interview with DDE today. Read on.


1. What inspired you to write The Author ~ or ~ The Characters' Short Living Story?

This story has so many sources of inspiration that it is hard to answer this question in “fairly” manner. In the literary sense, I would say that the Characters themselves inspired me to write the story; their creation was something very profound for me, but once I started writing the story with them, I owed it to them to keep them alive.

2. Can you give our readers an idea about what they should expect in book?

No, I can’t, I’m sorry; The Author does not let me. They should not expect anything because expectation leads to disillusionment or satisfaction, and this story is unique for every Reader; it is a story unlike any other; therefore, I retain from giving an idea. However, I can say what it is: it is a spiritual journey, a philosophical adventure, a literary odyssey, a mirror.

3. Can you tell us what kind of research went behind The Author?

I incorporated most existing literary techniques and figures of speech, plus a few new ones perhaps, and an extensive research regarding philosophy, spirituality, religion, psychology, astrology metaphysics, alchemy, world literature and the tarot cards. I rather not say much more, because these are heavy themes people can research for years and I don’t want to sound arrogant; this story contains much of those themes and many more.

4. Tell us something personal about you that your readers may be surprised to know.

When I was 16 years old, I experienced what people call “Love at first sight,” it was the most spectacular experience I ever had, it was a blissful phenomena and it still beats with me to this day. Its inception was so strong and profound that I was numb for some time; the inability for me to communicate to someone else what happened to me, including the beautiful girl whom I immediately fell in love with, led me to start writing . . .

5. Tell us about some of the biggest challenges or learning experiences you faced throughout the writing and publishing process.

Each chapter includes something in particular; they revolve around a theme and many themes within that theme. I took me a long time to research and read books from many topics to incorporate not only ideas but also the insights of what I have found regarding who we are as human beings. Each chapter felt like a book; therefore, sometimes it took me a long time to read and research throughout history, different cultures and even contrasting perspectives about that theme, to then analyze, sink it in philosophically, and finally compose how to blend it within the story, the characters, The Author and The Reader before continuing writing.

6. What/Where is your favorite place to think or write down your ideas?

In my mind. I have small black book where I write not only poems but also things I have to research. I try to take it everywhere I go. 

7. What do you do when you are not writing or reading?

Lately I have been painting and drawing a lot. I would like to go back to music too, it has been such a long time since I don’t compose or play the piano. 

8. Any tips for aspiring authors?

Art is creation from the soul, what you have written has a value only you can measure. Don't you ever give up in finding the right publisher for you. 

9. What's next?

You will see . . . 

10. Lastly, any special thoughts for the readers who are reading this interview on DDE?

We are creating tomorrow’s world now.

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