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The Author by Facundo Raganato is a book which is difficult to categorize - on the one hand a fantasy adventure, on the other hand a philosophical guidebook. It touches upon spirituality, including every religion, in a vague and rambling manner, with insights which I would suggest are not as unique as the author would like to believe, but still succeed in being thought provoking. The characters in the book are intriguing, but the pedantic nature of the narrative hampers proceedings somewhat.


The writing style is poetic and occasionally confusing, but sets the tone well, and I would say that on balance the style is a plus point, giving the book its own unique stamp.


My main issue is that there are so many authors striving to be philosophers more than story tellers, who must be reminded they are story tellers first and foremost. It seemed in this instance like the story was buried in the philosophy rather than the other way around.

What I liked is that the author's quirkiness shines through, and there are enough flashes of creative brilliance to suggest he has a great book within him. Although I found parts of the book tedious, I was glad I persevered, because there were highlights that made the effort worthwhile. 


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