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The Empress' Glass

"Again: Even though I know this was the right way, for some reason I feel this was a deadly and very erroneous mistake . . . but how could I know? You see, one has to be oneself to know oneself; however, one would have to know oneself to be who one is. Furthermore, if one creatively tends to be who one is not, then one rarely knows it. The challenge is to explore to know things that one didn't know before, and consequentially, it expands one's perspective beyond oneself. This is what makes it harder [to] define . . . oneself I mean, but I believe the risk is worth taking . . . Could they see the future? Can you?" 

- The Author, Chapter III "The Empress' Glass"

“Know Yourself
and You shall Know

All the Secrets of the Universe

and the gods.”


- Socrates 

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