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Extra Credit Interview with Facundo Raganato

Do you have a solid outline before writing, or do you usually get ideas as you go along?


In regards of writing stories, I usually get ideas with a natural outline of the development. However, as I start writing them, the characters or the details that frame the story influence to change the original composition, but not always; it varies depending on what kind of story I am writing.


Has someone you knew ever appeared as a character in a book (consciously or subconsciously)? 

When I was in high school I wrote a story for my friends; they were in it as characters, and they loved it. I think that was the only time I included characters of people I knew consciously. Subconsciously, I used to write about a special someone, I’m not gonna mention who she is; but she was the one to inspire me to write The Author in the first place, or how the story was originally named: The Characters’ Short Living Story.


What do you do when you get writer's block?

I took my  I tend to reread from the beginning and be open to receive the inspiration in how the flowing of the words lead me. However, if it is a big, heavy block, I usually let it sleep and let it off my mind for some time. I am accustomed to contemplate and linger on the block until I resolve it, but it is different every time; sometimes I go to read authors, stories or poems that assimilate the theme or the general aspects of my writing.


If you could live in a book's world, which would you choose?


What a marvelous question! I think The Giver. It is one of my favorite books; it always led me to think what kind of world it would become after the end of the book. I’d adore to be there and help build the world forgotten. 


What is your favorite book-to-movie adaptation?


This is hard to answer; there are many. I think Clockwork Orange would be one of my top choices. The book has its own unique literature, which is spectacular, very original, and Stanley Kubrick’s Film is beyond genius, a masterpiece.


If you could have lunch with one other author (dead or alive!), who would it be?


I think it would be William Shakespeare, and I would ask him how he writes, or how he thinks when he writes. Although, I would love to have lunch with William Wordsworth as well, and ask him about the French Revolution and his ideals.passion to write it, the urge to implement the ideas I wanted to include, the natural and spiritual expression it speaks through the Characters and The Author, and their world that inspires me.


Wild Card Question: We would like to know more about you. What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t writing?


I love to play piano, guitar, and sing sometimes when I’m by myself. I like to take walks around my neighborhood at night and meditate by the bay. I like to research about philosophy, spirituality and world literature when I’m feeling curious. I like watching good movies and great series. Above all, what I adore most of all is using my time efficiently to do productive things, especially when it is related to art.


Thank you for joining us today, Facundo! We have enjoyed getting to know you better.

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