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04-03-15  - Gwendolyn (16)

                  The Author or The Characters Short Living Story by Facundo Raganato is unlike any book I have ever read. In the case of this story, the characters can think, feel, and fight back with the author, who is their creator. Although it is a difficult work of spiritual and psychological fiction to summarize, Raganato creates a visually frazzled world that translates into written word in an oddly coherent way. It opens with a plot line that is not clearly defined to the reader, but keeps the read compelling with its wonderfully dynamic and three-dimensional characters. It is a book that reaches out to its reader.


This story shows an author's relationship with his characters in a very literal sense. Although this novel remains quite vague and mysterious, I felt that I was inside the story with the characters as I was reading. The Author or The Characters' Short Living Story has a way of sharing just enough information to keep the reader interested, while leaving the right amount of mystery to make the reader never want to look up from the page. Although the pace of this story felt a bit slow at its start, it picked up quickly as I adjusted to its concept and structure. A few sections throughout the book had brief lulls. This was particularly felt in scenes in which I really wanted to find out what happened to the characters. However, the majority of the book kept me thoroughly engrossed.

                  Seeing as I read from an uncorrected proof, there were a few grammatical errors and missing words and letters I came across while reading. I expect these will be edited before the book is published. However, there was a small selection of sentences in this novel that seemed oddly phrased but not grammatically incorrect, and their structure didn't flow with the rest of the writing. Some passages of writing felt estranged from the main writing style; others fit the tone of the book perfectly.


In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed Facundo Raganato's The Author or The Characters' Short Living Story, and would recommend it to any imaginative and contemplative soul in search for something new to read. It is a completely fresh written work, incomparable to anything I have ever read.



Age at time of review - 16

Reviewer's Location - Canoga Park, California, United States

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