Akashic Records

"How can I write my eulogy for these characters? How can I even begin to describe how they were the only ones who completed me? And now, just like that, they were no more. I've been contemplating confusing thoughts during this chapter, part of me feels a great devotion, admiration and appreciation for my characters' journey, my journey . . . even yours . . . which in union makes it ours; It. But, another part of me just feels like there's nothing other than just the end right there, I've experienced all the things I wanted to feel, I don't feel like being inside the story anymore . . . but so, little do I know . . ."

- The Author, Chapter XVII "Akashic Records"

“I MADE my song a coat

Covered with embroideries

Out of old mythologies

From heel to throat;
But the fools caught it,

Wore it in the world’s eyes

As though they’d wrought it.

Song, let them take it,

For there’s more enterprise

In walking naked.”


-A Coat, William Butler Yeats 

Art, Music & Literature:
Facundo Raganato

Artistic Photographs of The Author:
Scott Redinger-Libolt

Book Cover Design:
Patricia Gil &
Facundo Raganato

Book Cover Photo:
Laura Mintz

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