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Dear Reader,

Within this Book, you will find a collection of Poems in Light. These poems were written parallel to writing of ‘The Author ~ or ~ The Characters’ Short Living Story.’ As the Characters journeyed through their mystical adventure through the Dark world of The Author, these poems reflect its Light. As the Reader can ponder questions through their journey, these poems transmit the answers. And as The Author discovers the secrets of the Universe in their story, these poems present what He has found. Do take them dearly, for I have written them that way, and use them wisely, for they speak more than what they say. Let my words give you everything you need for you to be beyond yourself; let them remind you that the universe is inside you, and let them inspire you to feel, that as you hold my book in your hands, as proof that I am able to manifest all my dreams true, so can you. Dear Reader, this book is for You.

~ Facundo Raganato

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 Follow the Timeless Mystical adventure of six Characters


as they Alchemically face the Darkest perils of the Human psyche


and Search for the Truth . . .



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1st place
Pacific Book Awards
Contest 2016
"Best Philosophy"

"'Raganato directs us to look beyond the words, advising that therein lies the true meaning of literature. Here on a most unusual narrative path, readers will discover a rare, enlightening treasure.”


- Pacific Book Review  

“Never before have I read anything quite like Facundo Raganato's The Author or The Characters' Short Living Story. It is truly a work of literary genius.
This is one book that you will want to read more than once to ensure that its universal truths are instilled in your mind – which as this reader sees it, is more important than the actual mechanics of the story that the author has created. "


 – Martha Jette, Author

We are human beings,
and that fact has more value than the value we give to it.

What choices are you making? For who? For what?
It is a very promising age for us nowadays,
it is the first time in known history where our world is globally connected,
what is your creation? What is your intention?  How are you sculpting?
How are you painting?

Why are you writing? Who do you dance with? When are you?

We are Artists; We are Magicians.

Every word counts, every detail, every silence, every encounter,
every little thing we do makes a difference.


I began writing this literary odyssey 12 years ago, and from its inception
it has growth into the unanswered complex questions of philosophy,
through the beautiful aesthetics of Literature & Art,
and beyond the simple divine insight of spirituality. 


This story means more to me that I could ever express,

and in their words this story has more meanings than the Reader could ever find alone.

So take it as you please, travel light at night,
for it is an adventure that goes beyond what we know,

and, hopefully, it might reflect back to you exactly what you are looking for.

Thank you.

“It is brilliant! . . . The Author had me on the first few pages and I found the entire book to be a truly inimitable literary experience.  Their journey of discovery is not unlike the search for enlightenment. A truly rare and distinctive presentation of a much written about topic. Highly Recommended.”

 - Shirley A. Roe, All Books Review International

"This is not your typical fiction book; it is a piece of genius literature. The philosophical content of "The Author, or The Characters’ Short Living Story" is the treasure behind each character, and behind each scene. The truth is that in the end
the big reveal will be different for each reader."   


 - Susan Violante, Reader Views

“The Author ~or~ The Characters’ Short Living Story is a recommended pick for readers who want to follow along in a search for truth and wisdom . . . And there’s much, much more: couched in the guise of fiction, it may prove difficult to easily categorize, but one thing is certain: those on a similar life journey will find it compelling, reaching out from darkness with inspirational light.”

-Diane, Donovan

Midwest Book Review

"I will Always be eternally Grateful for those who have reviewed
'The Characters' Short Living Story'
For it does not only Reflect back to me that such Depth has made it worth it,
but it also shares to the Readers multiple Perspectives of what it is about.
And, most importantly . . .
it Expands through the Characters 
Beyond what we Know . . .
                                                                                                  Thank you."                                                                                                              
                                                                                      - The Author
Facundo Raganato 
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