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Tao Te Ching - Part II

Chapter 10

In holding the soul and embracing oneness Can one be steadfast, without straying? In concentrating the energy and reaching relaxation Can one be like an infant? In cleaning away the worldly view Can one be without imperfections? In loving the people and ruling the nation Can one be without manipulation? In the heavenly gate's opening and closing Can one hold to the feminine principle? In understanding clearly all directions Can one be without intellectuality?

Bearing it, rearing it Bearing without possession Achieving without arrogance Raising without domination This is called the Mystic Virtue

Chapter 11

Thirty spokes join in one hub In its emptiness, there is the function of a vehicle Mix clay to create a container In its emptiness, there is the function of a container Cut open doors and windows to create a room In its emptiness, there is the function of a room

Therefore, that which exists is used to create benefit That which is empty is used to create functionality

Chapter 12

The five colors make one blind in the eyes The five sounds make one deaf in the ears The five flavors make one tasteless in the mouth

Racing and hunting make one wild in the heart Goods that are difficult to acquire make one cause damage

Therefore the sages care for the stomach and not the eyes That is why they discard the other and take this

Chapter 13

Favor and disgrace make one fearful The greatest misfortune is the self What does "favor and disgrace make one fearful" mean? Favor is high; disgrace is low Having it makes one fearful Losing it makes one fearful This is "favor and disgrace make one fearful"

What does "the greatest misfortune is the self" mean? The reason I have great misfortune Is that I have the self If I have no self What misfortune do I have?

So one who values the self as the world Can be given the world One who loves the self as the world Can be entrusted with the world

Chapter 14

Look at it, it cannot be seen It is called colorless Listen to it, it cannot be heard It is called noiseless Reach for it, it cannot be held It is called formless These three cannot be completely unraveled So they are combined into one

Above it, not bright Below it, not dark Continuing endlessly, cannot be named It returns back into nothingness Thus it is called the form of the formless The image of the imageless This is called enigmatic Confront it, its front cannot be seen Follow it, its back cannot be seen

Wield the Tao of the ancients To manage the existence of today One can know the ancient beginning It is called the Tao Axiom

Chapter 15

The Tao masters of antiquity Subtle wonders through mystery Depths that cannot be discerned Because one cannot discern them Therefore one is forced to describe the appearance